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Bridge Manager Release Notes

Following are the main feature improvements for each release of Bridge Manager in reverse order since version 5.0.  To see what changes have been made since your version, read down until your version is listed.  Not all changes are listed here.  Free downloadable updates are available to registered users of Bridge Manager.  If you have any questions regarding updates or fixes please email to support@thebridgemanager.com.

New in Version 9.07 (11/21/10)

  • Fixed: In Edit Bidding dialog box, clicking on bid now also gives option of selecting standard footnote if no BidNote tags
  • Small updates to registration form

New in Version 9.06 (8/2/10)

  • When sorting deals by deal note, deals with notes now list before deals without notes

New in Version 9.05 (7/27/10)

  • Small bug fixes

New in Version 9.04 (7/20/10)

  • Fixed: In Deal Information view, 'play deal' now enabled even if deal has no contract

New in Version 9.03 (7/19/10)

  • Fixed: Possible corruption to bookmarks issue corrected

New in Version 9.02 (7/18/10)

  • Add deal notes referencing one of 26-user defined notes
  • Automatically mark deals as played when played in Bridge Manager or sent to be played in Baron
  • Option to select only an unplayed deal when playing a random deal
  • Option to specify criteria of played mark or deal note when selecting to play a random deal
  • Manually mark deals as played (with option for 2 different played marks) or as not played
  • Mark all deals in the current file or folder as played or unplayed
  • Option to set all deals in file/folder to not played if there is no unplayed deal when selecting a random deal
  • Option to sort deals by played mark or deal note
  • "Played Mark" and "Deal Note" menu items added to Edit menu
  • "Played Mark" and "Deal Note" toolbar buttons added to main screen
  • In Hide Information dialog box, added option to hide File name in main title bar
  • In Hide Information dialog box, added option to hide Deal Name in Title Bars for Bid Deal, Specify Contract, Play Deal
  • In Hide Information dialog box,  added option to hide played mark and deal note in main Deal List, Deal Information Screen, and Bookmark list
  • "Hide Information" menu item moved to "Options" menu
  • Fixed: Modifications for Windows file virtualization issues
  • Fixed: Registration form did not work on some system installations
  • Fixed: In some situations, "Autoplay other players' saved bids" would display bid when option not selected
  • Fixed: In some situations, popup bid note placement could cut off at bottom if too long
  • Other fixes and modifications

New in Version 9.01 (2/15/10)

  • Bidding and play popup notes show more text and text is larger
  • Suit symbols will display in printouts and bidding and play popup notes if "\" placed before suit letter in commentary
  • Popup play note now stays on screen until clicked, if "Show popup note when cursor over card" is not selected
  • Added option in Play Options dialog box to stop play at popup play note
  • Bidding Options dialog box added and Bidding Options menu item added to Options menu
  • In Bidding dialog box, Options and Link buttons added, Shift/Save button & Screen button moved to Options select dialog box
  • Bid Deal dialog box now pauses at bids during play based on pause setting in Bidding Options dialog box
  • Bid Deal dialog box now automatically displays popup note based on "Show popup note when bid played" setting in Bidding Options dialog box
  • Bid Deal dialog box now pauses at popup note if "Pause [seconds] at popup note" set in Bidding Options dialog box
  • Bid Deal dialog box now stops at popup note if "Stop autoplay at popup note" selected in Bidding Options dialog box
  • Clicking on a bid or card now displays its popup note
  • Pressing Esc when popup note displayed now hides note
  • Edit BidNote and Edit PlayNote dialog box sizes larger with screen size
  • Labeled buttons for scrolling bids and notes in Edit Note dialog box.  Scrolling buttons for notes are now enabled/disabled based on presence of other notes in the list
  • Added option to set Last Critical Trick when closing Edit Play screen
  • Last Critical Trick message is not displayed if Trick 13
  • In Last Critical Trick message, End Autoplay button is not shown if at end of saved plays
  • Language dialog box added
  • Language menu item added to Options menu
  • After editing a language, option given of changing the language to the one which was edited
  • Larger font size for player names on hands
  • Adding ":" prior to FileLink (without specifying a drive letter) indicates file path is on current drive and not to add the default path
  • Adding "\\" prior to FileLink indicates file path starts in current folder and not to add the default path
  • Adding "\\\" prior to FileLink indicates file path start with the Bridge Manager application path and not to add the default path
  • Pressing Alt+Down Arrow key advances the commentary to the next paragraph in the Deal Information screen, Edit Text dialog box, Bidding dialog box, and Play screen
  • Card keypad is now hidden when copying/saving screen
  • Copy/Save Screen dialog box now stores last used choice for screen area
  • Pressing Esc while in commentary box in Bidding dialog now changes focus away from commentary box
  • Fixed: When creating a new deal, if a bidding or play note was added using Edit Note, the new deal's or previous deal's commentary was sometimes incorrectly modified
  • Fixed: Did not print out commentary if player names selected to print
  • Fixed: Copying screen area with overlapping window did not work in Vista and Windows 7
  • Fixed: Screen area cropping improved for use with Vista and Windows 7
  • Fixed: Modified width of bidding dialog box for cropping in Vista
  • Fixed: Main screen's Last Critical Trick menu item was not enabled in some circumstances
  • Fixed: If the Last Critical Trick was changed during play, it was not saved unless there were other changes to the cards
  • Fixed: If the Last Critical Trick was changed during play, the change was not recognized for the Last Critical Trick notification message during play
  • Other fixes and modifications

New in Version 9.00 (11/29/09)

  • Play random deals from any file, folder or the bookmarks
  • Selectable card back graphics now shown if hand is hidden
  • Copy or save the screen image and optionally remove menus, toolbars and buttons
  • Lists history of played deals
  • Pop-up PlayNotes display automatically with user-specified pause after display
  • Display and scroll commentary directly within Bidding dialog box
  • Print suit symbols in printouts
  • Optionally display player names with cards in hand during bidding/play
  • Optionally print player names above hands in printouts
  • Select number of printouts
  • "Last Critical Trick" message now shown after the last critical trick
  • Additional text area in Edit Notes dialog box
  • Clicking on hidden hand advances to next play
  • "Options" menu items now available from both main screen and play screen
  • Hearts and diamonds suit symbols are printed in red when sent to a color printer
  • Switches to new page sooner when printing and adds top margin to next page
  • View or play deals directly from History list
  • Hide History description option added to Hide Information dialog box
  • Optionally hide corner toolbar buttons when playing a deal
  • Changing table color in play screen also changes deal information screen
  • Sort Deals menu item moved from Tools to View menu
  • Modifications to Swap Card dialog box
  • Fixed: In some cases commentary did not export to PBN
  • Fixed: Error could occur when trying to access some drives or folders
  • Fixed: In some circumstances, displayed error when opening hidden file or folder
  • Fixed: Popup PlayNote displayed in incorrect position when playing in other seat
  • Fixed: Did not always recognize "10" card in PlayNotes (example "HT" or "TS")
  • Other fixes and modifications

New in Version 8.99 (12/13/08)

  • Create, rename and delete folders
  • Bookmarks, Quick Picks, and Default FileLink Folder are automatically updated when folder renamed in BM
  • Folders in File and Browse dialog boxes now show "+" if they have subfolders
  • Highlighting a folder (rather than double-clicking on it) now selects the folder
  • Double-clicking on a folder marked with "+" displays it sub-folders
  • Folder button added to File dialog box
  • Folder menu item added to File menu
  • Improved checking for newer Baron version at startup
  • Other small fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.98 (5/11/08)

  • PlayNotes optionally display as popup notes when cursor is moved over cards played
  • BidNotes display as popup notes when cursor is moved over bids in the Edit Bidding dialog box
  • Bids are outlined when moving cursor over bids in the Edit Bidding dialog box
  • Showing hidden files is now optional in File dialog box
  • Maximize window button enabled on Edit Text dialog box
  • No longer allows opening reserved file &TEMPMGR.PPL. Allows copying &TEMPMGR.PPL to another file
  • Additional pause added before sending file name to Open dialog box in Baron
  • Fixed: In Windows Vista, using Windows Large Fonts (120 DPI) setting caused error
  • Fixed: In Windows Vista, File dialog box could list some files or folders twice
  • Fixed: When specifying a contract during play, card size did not always resize according to window size
  • Fixed: "File not found" error could occur when deleting hidden files
  • Fixed: Error could occur when resizing window if other application utilizing conflicting Windows message callback function
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.97 (3/21/08)

  • "Open" button added to Edit FileLink Tag dialog box, allowing for directly opening or creating linked files
  • "Link" button on Play Screen now opens linked file without requiring confirmation
  • Fixed: "Find File" feature did not search all folders under some circumstances

New in Version 8.96 (3/20/08)

  • File dialog box now displays hidden files/folders.  (BB18 default "My Saved Deals" folder may be in hidden "Application Data" folder)
  • "Find File" menu item added to File menu.  Can search system for a specified file or file type
  • "Find" feature now searches for hidden folders/files
  • "Find" button added to File dialog box
  • Modifications for use with dual monitors
  • When sending to Baron, more wait time added for Open dialog box in Baron
  • Card Animation on/off checkbox added to Play Options dialog box.  Can turn on/off without changing Card Speed option
  • BB folder no longer the default folder for saving deals at BM initial installation. MANAGER/DEALS used instead
  • No longer displays PPL.PPL options unless required for early BB version
  • Larger file dialog box
  • Option added to open FileLink or search for more matching files after pressing Search on Edit FileLink dialog box
  • If FileLink created or edited from Edit Text dialog box and user cancels dialog box, message now gives warning the FileLink will not be saved
  • At first setup, adds PBN_DEMO.PBN file to MANAGER/DEALS folder rather than MANAGER folder.
  • In Demo version, when specifying to open the PBN demo file, BM directly opens Import PBN dialog box
  • Allows for search in Edit FileLink dialog box even if no FileLink specified
  • Fixed: If selecting to always play as saved or play any contract in BB and no contract, BM okayed BB's "No contract" instead of ending sent keystrokes
  • Fixed: When opening Set Default FileLink Options dialog box, gave error that FILELINK folder does not exist under some circumstances
  • Fixed: Reset saved plays sent focus to commentary box
  • Fixed: In Edit FileLink, could add default extension to FileLink if selected even if already had same extension
  • Fixed: If double-click on search files list when searching, could halt BM
  • Fixed: Did not scroll correctly to deal in BB18 DEU or BB18 FRA if not using temp file
  • Fixed: If re-installing full version from CD, if MANAGER.ID was read-only and WIN.INI had valid InstallCode, installation did not proceed
  • Fixed: MSGHK593.VBX gave error in update install on some system configurations
  • Fixed: In play screen, if commentary window top was high and small cards displayed, then window size restored, then maximized again later, cards could switch to large size and trick box could overlap cards
  • Fixed: Error loops could occur when attempting to write to file without access
  • Fixed: Searching for file name with space character and less than 9 characters gave immediate "not found" without searching for file
  • Fixed: Demo version file renamed to force Vista to ask for administrative rights during setup
  • Fixed: "Subscript out of range error" if exiting BM while cards were moving during play
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.95 (2/17/08)

  • Modifications  for use with 32-bit Windows Vista
  • Fixed: In Windows Vista, deals could not be sent directly from Bridge Manager to Bridge Baron
  • Fixed: In Windows Vista, Help topics were displayed only when using F1 key, not when clicking on Help buttons
  • Fixed: In Windows Vista, did not open the FileLink file if the Default Link Application was set to the Windows associated application
  • Fixed: In Windows Vista, application could lock up or remain running in Task Manager
  • For Windows Vista users, MANAGER.ICO icon file added to install
  • Option added to always play hand as saved or always bid/play any contract in BB
  • Improved sending deals to Bridge Baron
  • Improved positioning of cards for large fonts and activation of large cards at smaller main screen sizing
  • "Arial" used for Helvetica font.  Checking added for all fonts.
  • Fixed: In play mode, after play complete message appeared, if Show Hands pressed, cards were shown in trick box.
  • Fixed: Had allowed specified default filelink application to be blank
  • Fixed: Show Commentary menu item was not checked if commentary shown initially and status was not changed
  • Fixed: When using Large Fonts, clicking on trick number column in play list did not select the correct trick
  • Fixed: Could not right click on play in Play List during play to call up Edit PlayNote tags dialog if play was in current trick
  • Fixed: System could crash if automatically searching for Baron or FileLink file in restricted folder
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.94 (1/1/07)

  • Larger card graphics display if screen sized greater than 800x600
  • "Use large card graphics when space allows" option added to Play Options dialog box
  • Commentary box in Play Screen is now sizable by dragging top of commentary box
  • Set Text Fonts menu item added to Edit Play/Play Deal screen's Control menu
  • Changed "Always show Card Keypad" option to Show/Hide/Auto options
  • If playing a deal as saved and Opponents hands are not shown and not autoplaying opponents hands, Card Keypad is now not shown in auto mode
  • Fixed: When using Ctrl+M shortcut key, program could crash after canceling the dialog box
  • Other small fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.93 (10/31/06)

  • Fixed: Commentary shown in Play Screen was incorrect in some circumstances

New in Version 8.92 (10/31/06)

  • Fixed: Commentary shown in Play Screen was incorrect in some circumstances

New in Version 8.91 (10/30/06)

  • Fixed: Error resulted if switching from Play Screen to Deal List in version 8.90

New in Version 8.90 (10/30/06)

  • Added optional commentary window to play deal screen
  • In Copy Options dialog box, "Copy & Paste After", "Copy & Paste at End" and "Copy & Paste Sorted by Name" buttons added
  • In Copy Options dialog box, "Copy to current file" button removed
  • In Paste Options dialog box, "Paste After Selected Deal" button added
  • Contract and vulnerability now displayed with View Bidding
  • Commentary box on deal information screen resizes larger when desktop greater than 800x600 resolution
  • Commentary button added to play deal screen
  • "Show commentary" and "Show play list" options added to Play Options dialog box
  • Color of Commentary box on deal info screen changes color when it has focus
  • Can use Esc key to switch focus away from Commentary box on deal info screen
  • In Bookmarks enabled Sort button at all times and Select All button if only one bookmark
  • Shows message in Default FileLink Options and Edit FileLink if default path no longer exists
  • In Play Options, if "Play as saved" is not checked, "Allow equal card" option is disabled
  • Option given of not converting double quotes to single when exporting to CSV
  • Copy/Paste confirmation message now shown only when in Deal Information screen
  • Fixed: If changing from EqualCardMode to not EqualCardMode and one or more equal cards were played in the sequence, did not give message requiring that the saved plays be reset
  • Fixed: When selecting a folder for the default FileLink path, did not allow for specifying a folder if the path was blank/not found
  • Fixed: Current path now used if FileLink default drive designation is blank
  • Fixed: Showed short filename instead of long filename in List All FileLinks dialog box and export of list
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.89 (5/23/06)

  • Fixed: Did not printout footnote using Print dialog box if deal had only one footnote
  • Fixed: Keyboard focus not on deal list when list first displayed, requiring pressing the Tab key or mouse-clicking on list
  • Fixed: Canceling adding a bookmark to an empty bookmark file could result in message that bookmark file was wrong format
  • Other small changes

New in Version 8.88 (5/3/06)

  • Fixed: Gave "Control array element" error on some systems
  • Fixed: Did not adjust seat headings above reformatted bidding list in Shift Bidding Footnotes dialog box if not default option
  • Several modifications for use with Windows large fonts display setting

New in Version 8.87 (5/1/06)

  • Fixed: Did not set bookmark Autosort checkbox value when opening Bookmarks dialog box

New in Version 8.86 (5/1/06)

  • Several options added to Print feature
  • Sort options and cut/paste added to Bookmarks dialog box
  • Long file names now shown in Bookmarks dialog box
  • Added "Bookmark This Deal" menu items to View and Control menus
  • In play screen, cards which are legal for next play are highlighted as mouse moves across them
  • Most play screen's options combined into a new Play Options dialog box
  • Play Screen's "Options" menu renamed "Control"
  • "Play Seated As" option enabled in Edit Play screen
  • Enabled "Show Hands" menu item in Edit Play if hands are hidden using "Hide Information"
  • Cancel button added to "Save Changes/Don't Save" message when closing Play Deal screen
  • Closing Bookmarks dialog box after opening from Close Play Screen options now closes play screen
  • Saving deal using Save As option from Close Play Screen options now closes play screen after deal is saved
  • When switching to "Bid as Saved" or "Play as Saved" modes, now does not ask if you want to show all hands if all hands are already displayed
  • Allows for numeric key entry using numeric keypad
  • "https:" added to types of FileLinks recognized as weblinks
  • Modifications to setup program to avoid issues with creation of Program Groups on some systems
  • Option added to installation to skip creation of Program Groups
  • Fixed: Print function checked Printer setup even if printing to Clipboard, and could show error message.
  • Fixed: If commentary width is locked in Edit Text dialog box and Windows screen resolution changed to less than locked commentary width, BM would close if Edit Text window was then maximized
  • Fixed: If stored main screen size larger than new desktop screen resolution, main window could appear mostly out of screen in upper left
  • Fixed: Showed the word "Play" as declarer in printouts if there was no contract
  • Fixed: If trying to move a deal with Automatic Sorting on, could result in "Illegal Function Call"
  • Fixed: After printing or exporting BM's main screen could flash between the main screen of another running instance of BM
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.85 (11/4/05)

  • "List All FileLinks" dialog box added, which allows for opening/editing FileLink, exporting to text file, and displaying list as Tag value or FileLink with defaults added
  • Changed "Show Hands" icon button in Play Deal screen's information box to "Show Hands|Hide Hands" alternating text button
  • "Options" and "Link" buttons added to information box in play screen
  • Editing Last Critical Trick changed to using numeric keypad instead of dropdown list
  • "Edit Last Critical Trick" menu item added to Edit menu
  • "View/Edit Last Critical Trick" menu item added to Options menu in Play screen
  • After using Edit Play, switches back to Deal List view afterwards if originally had Deal List shown
  • "Add space between tag name and value" added to Options dialog box
  • "Keep deal information displayed after editing" option added to Options menu.
  • "Bid Any Contract" option added to "Try Again?|Show Next Bid" message in Bid As Saved modes if incorrect bid selected
  • "Play Any Card" option added to "Try Again?|Show Next Play" message in Play As Saved modes if incorrect play selected
  • Now displays "Play As Saved" or "Play Any Card" in Bridge Manager title bar when playing a deal, instead of "Play Deal"
  • Fixed: If selecting a deal from the deal list to play in Baron, and no deal had yet been viewed, message would be shown that the hand had fewer than 52 cards
  • Fixed: If selecting a deal from the deal list to play in Baron, could use wrong deal information for warnings if warning options are selected in Options
  • Fixed: When changing a FileLink when playing a deal, if canceled after Change Deal warning message, displayed message that commentary was too long
  • Fixed: When playing a deal, total of NS/EW tricks would update prior to last trick card reaching center of table
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.84 (10/30/05)

  • "Show All Hands" toggle button added to "Play Deal" screen
  • When reaching the end of saved plays in the "Play Deal" screen, option given to show all hands
  • When reaching the end of saved bids in the "Bid Deal" dialog box, option given to not change to Bid Any Contract mode
  • Option given before bidding a deal in "Bid Any Contract" mode to show all hands
  • "Create FileLink Tag" option shown if "Open/Edit FileLink" selected and no FileLink was found in commentary, instead of immediately displaying "Edit FileLink" dialog box
  • Fixed: When using the Preset FileLink in the "Edit Text" dialog box, the Preset used the deal name and description from the main screen, not the "Edit Text" dialog box
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.83 (10/25/05)

  • Can now link directly to a supplemental document file or webpage by storing a FileLink tag in the deal commentary
  • "Edit FileLink Tag" dialog box added
  • "Default FileLink Options" dialog box added
  • "FileLink" tag added to "Add/Replace Tags", "Erase", and "Export to CSV" dialog boxes
  • "Open/Edit FileLink" menu item added to Tools menu, "Play Options" menu, and "Edit Text" dialog box
  • "Set Default FileLink Options" menu item added to the Tools menu.
  • FileLink tool button added to main screen
  • Undo and Redo combined into one toolbar button
  • FileLink button added to "Edit Text" dialog box
  • "List All FileLinks" feature added
  • "List All FileLinks" menu item added to "View" menu
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.82 (9/10/05)

  • Sizable/maximizable Edit Text dialog box window with corresponding sizable commentary box
  • Ability to set font style for deal name/description, commentary, bidding footnotes, BidNotes and PlayNotes, and font size for commentary.
  • DOS screen font available in Windows mode, allowing for suit symbol text entry
  • Find/Replace feature added to edit text dialog box
  • Can lock commentary width in Edit Text dialog box to see accurate word-wrapping
  • No longer supports direct editing in Baron for DOS mode, or converting to Baron for DOS format.  (Can still convert Baron for DOS PPL to Baron for Windows PPL format).
  • Changes to some menu item placements on main screen
  • Fixed: Names were not sort properly in some circumstances when "Adjust for numbers in deal name sorts" option was not selected
  • Improvements for automatically selecting deal in Baron if Temp file not used
  • Suit symbol conversion to letter/word now uses user-defined language terms
  • Suit symbols can now entered by using Ctrl+Alt+[letter](C,D,H,S) or Ctrl+Alt+[number](1-4) when using DOS font
  • Modifications for use with Baron 16
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.81 (4/19/05)

  • Play button added to Bookmarks dialog box
  • Bookmarks button added to "Close Play Screen" dialog box
  • Default Bid Option added to Options dialog box
  • Default Play Option added to Options dialog box
  • "Show bids first if bidding skipped" option added to Play screen Options menu
  • "Play Seated As" option added to dialog box when selecting to "Switch to Baron"
  • "Adjust for numbers in deal name sorts" option added to Options dialog box for enabling/disabling special alphanumeric sort
  • CSV fields added:  OpeningLeader, OpeningLeaderAbbr, OP (OpeningLeaderAbbr), OpeningLead, OL (OpeningLead)
  • Option given to select which folder to install learning/bonus deals
  • Fixed: Using cursor keys to move deal using "Move" feature moved target line up/down 2 positions rather than one
  • Fixed: Did not store "Add page break after each deal" option when printing to Windows Clipboard using Print dialog box
  • Fixed: Message text incomplete when asking if want to save if the cards played are different and hands were changed.

New in Version 8.80 (12/12/04)

  • Various modifications for use with Bridge Baron 15
  • Option to convert bidding footnotes from/to Baron 15 format
  • Option to send deals to Baron 15 with footnote positions shifted
  • Option to not include bidding footnotes when sending deal to Baron
  • Option to create simple bidding in temp deal sent to Baron
  • Fixed: Options did not display in dialog box when choosing "Convert...Baron File Formats" in some versions
  • Fixed: If last deal file opened was on diskette and diskette was not in drive at next startup, BM would lock up
  • Other small fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.79 (5/28/04)

  • Fixed: When importing PBN deal with incomplete bidding and no specified contract, created contract from bidding

New in Version 8.78 (5/26/04)

  • Option to save deal after playing added to Close Play Screen options
  • Message shown giving option to save deal after playing if deal play differs from saved play
  • New contact address for Bridge Manager support

New in Version 8.77 (4/4/04)

  • Registration dialog box updated
  • Fixed: If fewer than four plays, position of plays was not correct in some circumstances when exporting to CSV
  • Fixed: If "Default Play Seated As...Declarer" option selected, incorrect player could be displayed as default player

New in Version 8.76 (2/24/04)

  • Option added to use deal number as "Board" tag value when exporting, without specifying "-R" value in tag set or commentary
  • Bookmark index now stored between sessions
  • Fixed: PBN user tags file was not created in some circumstances

New in Version 8.75 (2/17/04)

  • Fixed:  Program could crash when calling up edit play screen if deal had PlayNote but no saved plays

New in Version 8.74 (1/18/04)

  • Small fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.73 (1/10/04)

  • Fixes for emailing/weblinking from Bridge Manager

New in Version 8.72 (1/8/04)

  • Minor fixes
  • First version available for purchase via direct download

New in Version 8.71 (12/22/03)

  • Fixed:  In some circumstances, short file names were changed to upper case and error message was shown stating that file needs to be re-opened

New in Version 8.70 (11/30/03)

  • Archive deals included and available for free download
  • "Quick Pick" feature added to easily store/retrieve frequently-used folders and files
  • Optionally play a hand other than South's when retrieving a deal into Bridge Baron (except Baron 9)
  • Entire deal commentary now included when printing to printer, with option to clip to fit deal on page
  • Commentary now placed at end of deal when printing to printer, with option to place near top
  • Optionally add page break characters at the end of each page when printing to a text file or Windows Clipboard
  • Commentary text box widened to allow for 60 fixed-spaced characters across in Edit Text dialog box
  • More/smaller tab stops set in Edit Text's commentary text box
  • Additional options added to Import PBN dialog box's Deal Name option list
  • "yyyy-m-d" format added to Description Note date formats
  • "Getting Started" Help topic added
  • Print button added to Help toolbar
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.69 (11/13/03)

  • Left-clicking on card in center cards played box no longer displays "Edit PlayNote Tags" dialog box unless card has note
  • Left-clicking on play in play list no longer automatically displays "Edit PlayNote Tags" dialog box unless play has note
  • Left-clicking on play with no note in play list gives option of creating note or going to beginning of trick
  • Right-clicking on card in center cards played box or play list displays "Edit PlayNote Tags" dialog box
  • Right-clicking on bid in bidding list displays "Edit BidNote Tags" dialog box without asking if Footnote or BidNote tag

New in Version 8.68 (11/11/03)

  • Fixed: If deal had older-style BidNote1, BidNote2, BidNote3 type tag, program could crash when getting tag information in some circumstances

New in Version 8.67 (11/11/03)

  • Create multiple bidding and play notes using new BidNote and PlayNote commentary tags
  • Bidding/play notes are referenced in the bidding/play list and can be viewed/edited during bidding/play
  • Cards played with play notes have note icon displayed in corner of card
  • Import/export PBN auction and play notes
  • Export bidding and play notes to CSV format
  • Add tags to multiple deals at once using new Add/Replace Tags dialog box
  • Store tags to use later in other deals
  • Option to add PBN tags to exported deals from a list of stored tags
  • View/edit text from bidding dialog box
  • Check multiple deals for invalid bidding and play notes
  • Option to remove blank lines from PPLCommentary comments when importing from PBN
  • New "-X" special tag value added to allow for excluding tag when exporting to PBN
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.66 (4/22/03)

  • Fixed: Too many final passes could result when importing PBN deals with "AP" in auction

New in Version 8.65 (4/3/03)

  • Fixed: In some circumstances, deal did not advance to next deal when clicking on Play Next Deal

New in Version 8.63, 8.64 (3/15/03)

  • "Swap Cards" menu item and expanded dialog box added to simplify swapping cards
  • Ability to swap cards during play even if not either player's turn to play
  • Fixes for swapping cards during play

New in Version 8.62 (3/12/03)

  • Card keypad added to Edit Play/Play Deal dialog boxes, allowing for entering plays without clicking on cards and for entering cards from hidden hands
  • Hands can now be hidden in the play screen when playing any card from any hand, not just when playing as saved
  • Can swap card with another player in Edit Play and Play Deal screens
  • Deal text (name/description/commentary) can now be edited and saved in Bid Deal and Play Deal/Edit Play modes, in addition to the Edit Text mode
  • Option to hide hands in Edit Play screen which are hidden in Deal Information view
  • Can play seated as dummy (to review play from that seat)
  • Can now enter plays as Suit then Rank (instead of just Rank then Suit) when entering plays using the keyboard
  • Option to play saved contract when bidding as saved and the bidding is incomplete
  • Can erase contract from Specify Contract dialog box, allowing for keeping incomplete bidding
  • Additional speed settings for card animation
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.61 (11/21/02)

  • Fix for entering bidding in new deals

New in Version 8.60 (11/20/02)

  • Additional hand display options when editing deals
  • Fix for specifying dealer in new deals

New in Version 8.59 (11/18/02)

  • Fixes

New in Version 8.58 (11/18/02)

  • Optionally hide selected deal information in main screen, deal list and bookmark list
  • Can swap cards between selected suits in all player hands
  • Option added to save deal when during auction
  • Option added to replace current deal when saving deal during auction or play
  • Changing the dealer no longer erases saved plays unless contract changes
  • Option to rotate bids when changing dealer
  • "Shift bids" feature added, allowing "Pass" bid to be added to/removed from beginning of existing auction
  • Can now scroll back through bidding footnotes in Edit Bidding dialog box without erasing footnotes
  • Now displays bidding footnotes in Bid Any Contract dialog box
  • Option to set default bid/play "seated as" position
  • Option to show all cards after autoplay
  • "View Text" and "View Bids" buttons added to play screen
  • Clicking on Dealer/Vulnerability/Contract/Declarer boxes displays relevant dialog box
  • Single "Pass" in auction no longer recognized to mean skip auction
  • Option added to show all hands or only un-hidden hands in Edit Bidding dialog box
  • Accent characters added to French language preset terms
  • Some Manager learning deals updated with new bidding
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.57 (11/12/02)

  • Fixed: Skipped one deal per file when importing more than one PPL file at once

New in Version 8.56 (10/17/02)

  • Optionally animate card movement during cardplay with adjustable speed
  • Autoplay tricks or an entire deal (using scrollbar)
  • Optionally add pauses of selectable length between cards/tricks during autoplay
  • Optionally highlight seat label during autoplay pauses
  • "Go to Trick" menu item added in play options
  • Click on row in Play list to go directly to trick
  • Click on current trick number (when play list is not shown) to go to other trick
  • Automatically shows all hands after autoplay
  • New Options dialog box replaces separate Options menu items
  • Options now accessible from the Tools menu
  • Option added to not show "Retrieve deal in Baron" message
  • Option to use "None" and "All" in place of "Neither" and "Both" in Bridge Manager's display
  • Import more that one PBN file at a time, with thousands of deals being able to be read from multiple files
  • Optionally create additional deal files without stopping PBN importing if limit of 1000 deals reached in PPL file
  • PBN checking and reporting improved when importing deals
  • Faster importing of PBN, especially with long files
  • Open PBN import log as text file in Notepad/Wordpad
  • Can import PBN deals with both partial bidding and a specified contract
  • Recognizes some non-standard PBN values
  • Option to add PBN error message to deal commentary when importing
  • Option of not importing a PBN deal which has an error
  • Option to add PBN file name to commentary when importing
  • Option to add PBN deal number to commentary when importing
  • Option to make deal name equal PBN deal number when importing
  • Option to make deal description equal PBN file name when importing
  • Option to rotate dealer and vulnerability in tournament order when creating random deals
  • Faster at creating random deals, especially with long files
  • Create deals with both partial bidding and a specified contract
  • "Select All" button added to File list box when allow to select more than one file
  • Other small improvements and fixes

New in Version 8.55 (8/15/02)

  • Export to mail merge data file format for highly customizable printouts
  • Mail merge templates included
  • Ability to create multiple random deals
  • Email menu item added to Help menu
  • Ability to print to the Windows Clipboard
  • Option to add imported deals to the current library file (instead of creating new file)
  • Description button added to Erase dialog box
  • Email directly from Registration dialog box

New in Version 8.54 (4/17/02)

  • Ability to sort deals by name, description or randomly
  • After playing a deal, new options to replay deal, play next deal or play random deal
  • Long file name fix for Windows XP when creating new files
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.53 (1/15/02)

  • Improvements for use with Bridge Baron 12 international versions
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.52 (11/12/01)

  • Ability to import PBN deals copied to the Windows clipboard
  • Ability to export deals to the Windows clipboard in PBN format
  • Special tag values can be used in deal commentary
  • Special temp file option for retrieving deals in Bridge Baron 12
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.51 (6/14/01)

  • Quickly combine several deal files into one file
  • Improved feature for moving deal positions within the current file
  • Shortcut keys can be used to move deals within the deal list
  • New bidding footnotes dialog box
  • Add more than one bidding footnote per bid
  • Option to warn if more than one footnote per bid for use with some versions of Bridge Baron
  • Keyboard cursor keys can be used to scroll bidding and play
  • Spacebar can be used to advance to next saved bid or play
  • Option to not allow "equals" for saved play
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.50 (2/22/01)

  • Select which player's hand to play in Bridge Manager, without modifying hands or play
  • Can change which player's hand you're playing anytime during play
  • Can now automatically change saved bidding and play to match hands when rotating hands 
  • Play rotated hands with saved bidding and play in Bridge Manager or Bridge Baron
  • Selectively erase deal information, such as bidding, play, tags, etc., from multiple deals
  • Bookmarks now reference deal number in addition to deal name and file name
  • Choose Bridge Baron version from list of those found on your system
  • Improved initial default search for Bridge Baron location
  • Optionally displays seat positions on play screen
  • Website and email links added to Bridge Manager and Help
  • License added to Help
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in Version 8.47, 8.48 (1/12/01, 1/24/01)

  • Fixes

New in Version 8.46 (12/19/00)

  • Fix for demo version

New in Version 8.45 (11/15/00)

New in Version 8.44 (10/18/00)

  • Can copy new Challenges deals from Bridge Baron 11
  • Message boxes now centered with active window rather than screen
  • Better framing of information boxes when large "scheme" appearance selected for Windows desktop
  • Other small improvements and fixes

New in Version 8.43 (10/12/00)

  • Web site and email address information updated

New in Version 8.42 (9/15/00)

  • Small improvements and fixes

New in Version 8.41 (7/25/00)

  • Spanish added to print output languages
  • Can now also copy Tournament deals from Bridge Baron 9 Windows 3.1 version.
  • Keeps Bridge Baron maximized when switching to maximized Baron directly from Bridge Manager
  • Improvements to setup
  • Uninstall option added (uninstbm.exe and uninsdem.exe)
  • Other small improvements and fixes

New in Version 8.4/8.40 (5/21/00)

  • Can open multiple instances of Bridge Manager
  • First version with matching demo version

New in Version 8.35 (4/20/00)

  • Allows for automatically retrieving deals in new Bridge Baron version 10.01.00

New in Version 8.34 (4/5/00)

  • Recognizes multiple line break formats in the same PBN file

New in Version 8.32, 8.33 (4/4/00)

  • Also recognizes PBN files formatted with CR (carriage return) only, LF (line feed) only, or CR-CR-LF line breaks, in addition to standard CR-LF line breaks

New in Version 8.31 (3/16/00)

  • Improvements to installation program

New in Version 8.3/8.30 (3/13/00)

  • New Open/Save file dialog box for improved long file name support
  • Fixed compatibility with TNT graphics adapters at High Color
  • Remembers last Import file name when using Import File
  • Fixes for importing PBN bidding notes
  • Improvements to setup program

New in Version 8.2/8.20 (2/3/00)

  • Can select which PBN tags to import
  • Tags are now sorted when importing, regardless of order in PBN deal
  • Allows for not combining lines of text in PPLCommentary into paragraphs when importing PBN deal
  • Allows for "##" preceding PBN tag value when exporting
  • PBN tag names are no longer case sensitive when importing or exporting
  • Tags are made proper (upper/lower) case when importing, regardless of spelling in PBN deal
  • When entering tag value in Export to PBN File dialog box, new value now automatically displays in list when typing
  • When editing play or playing a deal, View Bidding box is smaller and positioned to better view cards in hands
  • Other small improvements and fixes

New in Version 8.1/8.10 (12/12/99)

  • Can now swap or rotate hands in multiple deals using new "Swap/Rotate Hands" menu item

New in Version 8.02 (11/21/99)

  • Fixed for converting between Bridge Baron for DOS and Windows formats

New in Version 8.0, 8.01 (11/20/99)

  • Major Revision
  • Card graphics used instead of small boxes in the bidding and play screens
  • Resizable and maximizable main screen and play screen
  • Import Portable Bridge Notation (PBN) files including full bidding and play.  Can use downloadable bridge deals in PBN format from the Internet
  • Export to Portable Bridge Notation (PBN) files with customizable PBN tags values.  Can share bridge deals in PBN format with other bridge programs
  • Print to standard text files all deal information instead of just deal text
  • Print out bridge terms and cards in customizable languages
  • Optionally show South, North/South or all hands when bidding a deal to play
  • Expandable Edit Text dialog box to show more commentary
  • Can drag across cards to select or unselect in Edit Hands dialog box
  • Option to show cards in play list as Suit-Rank instead of Rank-Suit
  • Option to show deal text as bold or not bold
  • Option to show commentaries with fixed-spaced font
  • Can display commentaries in two columns in printouts if text won't fit in one column
  • Card boxes used instead of check boxes to select South's spades in Search by Category dialog box
  • Scroll buttons rearranged in Bidding dialog box

New in Version 7.7/7.70 (11/3/99)

  • Can convert ACBL Instant Matchpoints scores and percentages to selected number of columns
  • Can maintain line breaks in commentaries when converting deals from Bridge Baron for DOS
  • Improved line wrapping in Bridge Baron for DOS commentaries

New in Version 7.61 (10/14/99)

  • Fix for copying ACBL tournaments in some versions of Bridge Baron 8

New in Version 7.6/7.60 (10/13/99)

  • Modifications for upcoming Bridge Baron 10, including automatically retrieving deals into Baron 10
  • Allows for copying of Bridge Baron 9/10's add-on ACBL tournaments to PPL files
  • Other small improvements and fixes

New in Version 7.51 (3/15/99)

  • Fix for Manager's window displaying on top on some systems when selecting another application window

New in Version 7.5/7.50 (1/28/99)

  • Allows specifying order of player columns in bidding and play lists
  • After pressing the Footnote button in the Edit Bidding & Footnotes dialog box, current bid selected rather than first bid
  • Blank descriptions ignored when checking for duplicate descriptions
  • Clicking on deal number in Deal Information view now calls up Go To Deal Number dialog box
  • View Text button added to Bid Deal dialog box when playing deal
  • Player now highlighted in Bidding dialog box at bidding turn
  • "Play Deal in Baron" option added after selecting to play a deal.  Retrieves deal in Bridge Baron (other than Baron 9).
  • "Use Learning or Bonus Deals" menu item added to Tools menu.  Calls up dialog box listing Learning and Bonus deals files.
  • “Using Learning Deals” menu item added to Help menu
  • Shortcut key for Cut/Move Deal changed to Ctrl+X.  Ctrl+M still activates also.
  • When selecting to edit play, if no contract, asks to bid or specify contract and shows bidding options then Edit Play dialog box
  • When clicking on Play List in Deal Information view, asks whether to Enter/Edit Play or Play Deal
  • “Troubleshooting for Baron 9" topic added to Help
  • Introduction in User's Guide and Help rewritten and several topics simplified

New in Version 7.4/7.40 (1/7/99)

  • Fixes for renaming files
  • Warning given if renaming file to existing file name
  • Backup All PPL Files feature now backs up with long file names instead of short names
  • Hyphen can now be used with long file name to exclude file in automatic sort
  • Fixes to Search by Category
  • Confirmation message displaying options selected shown after pressing Find in Search by Category dialog box
  • When entering a name in the common dialog box for long file names, spaces at end of file extension and before extension are now trimmed
  • Deal Found dialog box background changed to green
  • Combo box list options added to Register dialog box for "Purchased from" and "Heard of from" items
  • Long file name parts are now lower case if returned all upper case
  • File names in Quick list are shortened if too many characters
  • When backing up library files, now will back up if file extension has space(s) after "ppl"
  • Other small improvements and fixes

New in Version 7.3/7.30 (12/21/98)

  • Long file name support when using Windows 95 or later
  • Can start/switch to Bridge Baron 9.  (Automatically retrieve deal in Baron feature not compatible with Baron 9.)
  • Can copy Bridge Baron 9's Blackwood Challenges file
  • Text length options automatically set when using with Bridge Baron 9
  • Bidding footnote bid reference modified to work with Bridge Baron 9
  • Update format feature modified for Bridge Baron 9
  • Automatically searches for new Bridge Baron 9 installation at startup

New in Version 7.2/7.20 (10/16/98)

  • 20 bonus deals (duplicated in an A file and B file) added for registering
  • Menu items “Add Manager’s Bonus Deals” to Tools menu and “Free Bonus Deals” to Help menu added
  • Duplicate descriptions changed in learning deal files for deals 18 and 44
  • Deal descriptions added to commentaries in Manager_B.ppl
  • Check for duplicate descriptions feature added
  • List/Deal Info view now stored in Manager.ini
  • Logo updated in main screen and About dialog box
  • One-time entry of installation code required for updates
  • Genius no longer included with Bridge Manager diskette or update.  Genius now available as complete download from new Web page.

New in Version 7.1/7.10 (9/24/98)

  • Small improvements and fixes to Bridge Manager and Setup

New in Version 7.01 (8/29/98)

  • Email and Web site address changes

New in Version 7.00 (7/11/98)

  • Old Help dialog box replaced with Windows-style help file with hyperlinks, search, etc.
  • Help can now remain visible while working in Manager
  • Help buttons added to file dialog boxes
  • Can now specify directory containing deals in Copy Baron Challenges/Tournament Deals dialog boxes
  • Email button added to Registration form
  • Improvements to Setup

New in Version 6.80, 6.81 (5/15/98, 6/1/98)

  • First version which is also a downloadable update
  • When editing cards in hands, cards selected in other hands are now grayed to show which have already been dealt
  • Help can now be maximized and resized
  • Option given whether to rotate North into South's hand if North is declarer, instead of automatic rotation of hands
  • Progress bar added to Update Format dialog box
  • Browse button and dialog box added to setup
  • Message given if another instance of Bridge Manager is already running

New in Version 6.7/6.70 (3/21/98)

  • Added ability to play equal (equivalent) cards when playing or editing a deal
  • "Reset Saved Plays" option added to Edit Play and Play dialog boxes
  • Changing to "Play As Saved" from "Play Any Card" does not restart game unless plays were changed
  • Added option to warn if deal has no bidding and no contract when retrieving a deal in Bridge Baron
  • Screen improvements for use with Windows 95
  • First release of Genius version 2.3

New in Version 6.6/6.60 (2/15/98)

  • Option given whether to add footnote to simple bidding
  • Option added to warn if deal has bidding footnotes

New in Version 6.5/6.50 (2/7/98)

  • "Play Specified Contract" option added
  • Bridge Manager file format changed to make compatible with newer Bridge Baron format, as well as all previous formats
  • Conversion feature added to update older Bridge Baron for Windows PPL files to newer format
  • Manager's learning deals converted for use with newer Bridge Baron for Windows
  • Manager now checks for and automatically converts files in non-standard DOS PPL file format to standard DOS format
  • Conversion feature added to change standard DOS files to non-standard DOS format
  • Bridge Baron version and location dialog box added

New in Version 6.4/6.40 (12/21/97)

  • "Center Main Screen" menu item added to Tools menu
  • Other small fixes and modifications

New in Version 6.3/6.30 (11/24/97)

  • Now includes 54 learning deals (instead of 28) duplicated in two separate files (instead of in one)
  • Commentary box enlarged in deal info view.  All Manager deal commentaries now fit in box.
  • Commentary scroll bar not shown unless needed in deal info view
  • "Print list of deals" option added to Print dialog box
  • Option given of not showing play list when editing play
  • Line count added to DOS commentary in Edit Text and Replace Text dialog boxes
  • Shortcut keys added to menu items
  • Able to select name, description and/or commentary when importing text
  • Deal number added to Edit Text dialog box
  • Text found remains highlighted when Found dialog box is visible

New in Version 6.2/6.20 (10/22/97)

  • Outline placed around cards played box
  • Other small fixes and modifications

New in Version 6.1/6.10 (10/14/97)

  • New Edit Deal/Play Deal screens with each card displayed in a box
  • Cards now in order by trump in Edit Deal/Play Deal screens
  • Background color options added for Edit Deal/Play Deal screens
  • Footnote button added to Bidding dialog box for use with keyboard
  • Arrow scroll buttons added to Help

New in Version 6.00, 6.01, 6.02 (8/31/97, 9/11/97, 9/16/97)

  • Major revision
  • 28 learning deals included for both Windows and DOS versions
  • Deal information now incorporated as alternate view of main screen, no longer separate dialog box and menus
  • All deal information now fits on one screen, including text
  • Edit Text dialog box added
  • New toolbar with pop-up captions and more buttons
  • New menus, menu items and item placement
  • Library file, number of deals and deals selected added to deal view
  • Deal changes automatically saved after okaying corresponding dialog box.  No need to save deals.
  • When playing a deal, "Save As" option given instead of calling Edit Deal dialog box
  • Double clicking on deal in main list now displays deal view
  • "Copy to current library file" option added
  • When copying to current library file, or pasting deals, new deals are selected
  • First deal is selected after opening new library file
  • Simple bidding can change multiple selections
  • Footnotes added to View Bidding dialog box
  • Undo and Redo features added
  • Bookmark feature replaced Shortcut feature, and was simplified
  • After entering new deal, deal is immediately sorted if automatic sorting is on
  • Printer Setup option added to Print dialog box
  • Go to Deal Number feature added
  • Copy Bridge Baron Challenges feature added to copy Sheinwold, Blackwood and Kantar challenges to create new libraries
  • Copy Tournament Deals feature added to copy Bridge Baron's ACBL tournament deals to create new libraries
  • Hide descriptions option added
  • OK button and Icons added to bidding and contract buttons in Edit Dealer dialog box
  • Cancel option added to Edit Contract dialog box when asking if should erase plays
  • Home/End keys replace Ctrl+PageUp/Down keys for selecting first/last deals in deal view
  • Deal notes no longer need to be at the head of descriptions
  • If Find text in Find dialog box is blank, now looks for blank entry instead of inserting text
  • Found dialog box now states "Find next? Yes No", and is same for both views at top of screen
  • Dialog box added for when note is too long, allowing change to new note
  • Find dialog box checks length of text entries before search to check if too long
  • Reformat Play is more discerning as to which deals need to be displayed
  • Rename as PPL and Restore menu items now not displayed unless option menu item is checked
  • Suit symbol default conversion is now to letter following
  • Double clicking on Bookmark now goes to deal
  • Reformat dialog box now has "Ignore blank footnotes" option
  • "North's spades" replaced by "South's spades" in Search by Category dialog box
  • Manager now compensates for Bridge Baron's partial deals with incomplete hands, etc.
  • Bidding footnote added when creating simple bidding:  "Autobid this deal"
  • Message added to confirm switch to Bridge Baron for Windows
  • Trim Text feature added
  • Manager now aware when it becomes active application.  Feature greatly improved.
  • "Move in Current Library File" feature added
  • Blank lines removed if needed when printing commentaries in Windows mode
  • Options added to Format dialog box to remove blank lines and trim commentaries
  • New keyboard options when viewing/selecting deals
  • Before printing, default paper size is checked and message given if not correct
  • Print dialog box Cancel button changed to Close
  • Can now copy over existing library file
  • Status bar added when checking for duplicate deal names

New in Version 5.5 (7/23/97)

  • Free software for registering
  • Registration dialog box added with printout capability
  • "Customer Support ID" changed to "Registration Number"
  • Added "Convert Challenges to a Library" menu item.  Copies Blackwood and Sheinwold files to libraries.
  • Added convert play and footnotes dialog box.  Play and bidding footnotes now converted between Windows and DOS.
  • "Change Library Format" dialog box simplified
  • Next/Back Play, etc. buttons in Play dialog box changed to arrow scroll buttons
  • Rotate Hands button added to Edit Hands dialog box, with ability to rotate player hands
  • Swap Hands feature can now swap any two hands from options list
  • "Cut but not pasted" warning added when replacing clipboard deals

New in Version 5.4 (6/5/97)

  • Find and Search Category menu's "Search Down From Current Deal" option now displays deal number on same line
  • Improvements to program installation

New in Version 5.3 (5/27/97)

  • Additional date formats added to Note feature.  Date dialog box replaced with date list box.
  • Numeric date formats now based on "Short date" format in Windows Control Panel, International settings
  • In Find Text and Search by Category dialog boxes, "search from" options replace check box.
  • Window positioning of sub-windows improved
  • Clicking on deal number in Edit dialog box opens Select Deal dialog box
  • View Text/Hands button in Edit dialog box changed to two up/down buttons
  • User given option of searching entire hard disk(s) for Bridge Baron

New in Version 5.2 (3/17/97)

  • Shortcut feature completely revised and simplified
  • Other small fixes and modifications

New in Version 5.1 (2/11/97)

  • Description and commentary text boxes now automatically shown if text found using search from Edit dialog box
  • Text found is now highlighted
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