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Bridge Manager Registration 

Get Free Bonus Deals and Free Updates for Registering!

If you haven't sent in your registration information, please do so now for free bonus deals and free downloadable updates as well as Bridge Manager support.  You'll receive an Installation Code in return, which you can use to install free updates and bonus deals.  Once you've entered the Installation Code once, you won't need to enter it again for subsequent updates.  Your registration information is NOT provided to any outside services.  Registration is FREE, so don't forget to send it in today!

To register Bridge Manager by email:
Select "Register" from Bridge Manager's "Help" menu and enter your registration information.  Paste the registration information into the message of the email, then email it to:

To register Bridge Manager by mail:
Select "Register" from Bridge Manager's "Help" menu and enter your registration information.  Print out and mail the information to:

Brian Pratt
Bridge Manager Registration
522 Bergen Ridge Road
North Bergen, NJ 07047

Please allow up to 24 hours for responses to emailed registrations, and up to 2 weeks for responses to mailed registrations.

If you have the Bridge Manager demo version, please click here to purchase Bridge Manager.

For more information contact support@thebridgemanager.com
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