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The more I use Bridge Manager, the more I’m enjoying it.  I was using Bridge Baron to enter deals and since I started using Bridge Manager, I’ll leave Bridge Baron for just playing the hands.  I have to commend you on a very friendly and useful user interface.  I'll admit I haven't used a lot of the functions for exporting and importing deals, but I like what I have tried.  - San Jose, CA, USA

Bridge Manager is an excellent tool for learning bridge because I can input hands, take notes and then review both until I understand them.  - Erie, PA, USA

I have enjoyed your program for many years and have a lot of hands saved in it.  - Lubbock, TX

The wide range of facilities available in Bridge Manager is really impressive.  - New Delhi, INDIA

You have a very enjoyable application in Bridge Manager.  ...  Your program adds a dimension to Bridge Baron that makes it much more enjoyable and informative.  ...  I particularly enjoy playing the hands in Bridge Baron and being kept on course.  A learner or a veteran will find lots of enjoyment from your latest upgrade.  Thanks for making my computer bridge more fun.  Keep up the good work.  - Greensboro, NC, USA

I would like to congratulate you with your programme.  It is really fantastic.  - Waalre, NETHERLANDS

More and more I'm working with your excellent product "Bridge Manager", because it fulfills nearly all my requirements for easily preparing and handling of bridge deals.  ...  I'm very satisfied with the performance and functions of your Bridge Manager and very happy when handling all of my generated deals.  ...  For creating and handling of deals there is no better tool than Bridge Manager and it becomes better every week. -
Bad Homburg, GERMANY

My family and I are enjoying Bridge Manager immensely.  - Woodstock, GA, USA

I thought this might be a likely time to say thank you for all your hard work!  I have enjoyed Bridge Manager -- it's a great little program -- and particularly admire and appreciate your efforts to improve the program and keep us up to date.  Thanks again!  -
Hanover, NH, USA

Great help learning to play.  I am still a novice but moving along rapidly.  - Seattle, WA, USA

I have used the Demo and wanted to try more!  Many thanks.  - Surrey, UK

I've downloaded the new version and have been busy taking advantage of the new facilities.  It is excellent to be able to manipulate the hands and bidding to create new sets of deals for my classes.  Thank you.  -
Woodbridge, UK

Have not learned everything yet, but is what I expected ... excellent.  - Gorokan, NSW, AUSTRALIA

Like what you have done!  - St. Louis, MO, USA

I just want to tell you again how great your program is!  Compared to DealMaster Pro or Baron and other similar programs, entering deals and managing them is vastly superior to those programs.  It's so easy that I routinely enter hands from books or articles into the computer and play them out.  Then I save them and can play them over again later.  Thanks!  -
Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Wonderful program ... Thanks for keeping Bridge Manager so good.  - Barcelona, SPAIN

I have used your product and like it very much. ...  Thanks for the help and information about PBN deals.   After trying some of the utilities available, I've begun to appreciate the forethought and work that must have gone into developing the Bridge Manager as a program that extends the usefulness of Bridge Baron.  The PBN utilities I've examined are quite basic and sterile in comparison.  ...  Thanks for a very good product.  - Ryde, NSW, AUSTRALIA

I'm enjoying Bridge Manager very much.  - Ohta-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

It looks like, thanks to your generous efforts, we will finally have a very pleasant and complete hand viewer which could become part of people's bridge lives.  I have already recommended this excellent software to some of my compatriot bridge players who are professors at US universities.  -

Thanks for countless hours of exciting bridge.  - Bellevue Hill, NSW, AUSTRALIA

A very good software.  - Lausanne, SWITZERLAND

I have only used Bridge Baron and Bridge Manager for a couple of days, and have already concluded that they are far superior products to any others I have used as I pursue my passion for bridge.  - Winnipeg, MB, CANADA

First class.  - Bingley, West Yorkshire, UK

I just love it!  I'm learning so much!  - Roswell, GA, USA

We wish to thank you for your excellent production --- Bridge Manager.  How nice of you to include the 54 games.  Wow!  ...  We continue to use and lean on Bridge Manager --- for it does just exactly that and then more!  ...  We can hardly wait to dig in and try the new features.  Knowing you we fully expect the best will get even better!  - Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Bridge Manger is one of the most complete and well thought out bridge programs I own.  - Louisville, KY, USA

Excellent.  -
Kopavog, ICELAND

Just wanted you to know that I used Bridge Manager and converted the instant MP games into PBN files and it worked wonderfully!!  Now I can play the instant MP games on my GIB program.  Thanks again for all your work.  ...  I do see that we can rotate the hands using Bridge Manager.  Just think I did that by hand a few years ago with the Instant Matchpoint games.  Now I can use your program to do that.  I won't have time to do all the things I want to do.  - Concord, CA, USA

Thanks for the wonderful updates.  - Simi Valley, CA, USA

Thank you for your good work in keeping Bridge Manager current.  -
Curitiba, BRAZIL

I believe that the time has arrived for you to view your outstanding application -- not as just a very-complementary application for Bridge Baron users -- but rather as THE master bridge deal database system for all bridge teachers, bridge students and bridge players.  ...  I much prefer to practice playing deals using Bridge Manager.  It's much, much quicker.  And, it's has so many useful features. ... It's so great to be able to play and re-play deals until I've learned to recognize and have mastered the declarer play technique that they were designed to teach.  ... You've just thought of and implemented all the play options that one could ever want! ... Bridge Manager is my bridge deal, database manager because I "trust" it, it makes all data entry easy, reliable and quick, and it provides me with so many options to manipulate my bridge deals.  That is, Bridge Manager is my bridge deal "bank and banker."  ...  Bridge Manager provides everything that one could ever want to easily establish a database of deals that augment bridge classes and/or books with the "drill and practice" tools that would make learning a reality for bridge students. ...  I've probably improved my declarer play skills during the last three weeks more than I have in the last year.  ...  Bridge Manager's deal, bidding and play entry dialogs provide a quick and easy means to enter these three elements of a deal.  And, in particular, its commentaries, BidNote Tags and PlayNote Tags, provide a means to most effectively save all of the key instructive gems with each deal.  What an absolutely wonderful tool for a bridge teacher/author!  - Atlanta, GA, USA

Congratulations on a very well-designed and useful program.   - Alexandria, VA, USA

Bridge Manager is GREAT for teaching card play lessons!  - Byfleet, Surrey, UK

Like I always say, "You've got the best game in town."  - Bradenton, FL, USA

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