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Bridge Manager Updates 

Free Downloadable Update
Free, downloadable updates are available to registered users of Bridge Manager version 6.0 or later.  You must have the full version of Bridge Manager already installed on your system and have received your Installation Code for registering in order to install the free update.   If you haven't sent in your registration information, please do so now for free updates and bonus deals.  Registering is free.  Click here to register Bridge Manager.

For a list of feature improvements since your version of Bridge Manager, see the Release Notes.

Please note that updates do not include all of the required files for a full installation of Bridge Manager.  You must already have the full version of Bridge Manager installed on your computer before installing a free update.  The free download will update any version of Bridge Manager (6.0 or later) to the latest version.  There is no need to install intermediate updates.

If you ever need a new copy of the full version of Bridge Manager, please contact Bridge Manager support for how to obtain Bridge Manager at a discounted price for registered customers.  If you don't already have Bridge Manager, you can click here to purchase Bridge Manager or click here for the DEMO version.

UpgradeClick here to download the Bridge Manager Update
   Current release:    Version 9.07
   Release date:        11/21//2010
   Update file:            bmupg907.exe
   File size:                1151 KB

Free Downloadable Archive Deal Sets
The following Archive Deal Sets contain archived tournament deals converted from PBN to PPL format using Bridge Manager for use in Bridge Manager and Bridge Baron.  Archive deals work with all versions of Bridge Manager and Bridge Baron for Windows.  You must have Bridge Manager 6.0 or later installed on your computer and have your Installation Code for registering Bridge Manager to install the Archive deals.  Deals files will be installed to subfolders in Bridge Manager's DEALS\ARCHIVE folder.
   Click here to download the Archive Deal Set: CAPGEM
   Description:          Cap Gemini World Top Tournaments 1997-99, 2001
   Release date:       12/1/2003
   Archive file:          CAPGEM.exe
   File size:               789 KB

   Click here to download the Archive Deal Set: CAVENDSH
   Description:          Cavendish Invitational Tournaments 1997-2001
   Release date:       12/1/2003
   Archive file:          CAVENDSH.exe
   File size:               224 KB

   Click here to download the Archive Deals Set: EUROTEAM
   Description:          European Team Championships 1997, 1999
                                European Youth Team Championships 1998, 2000
   Release date:       12/1/2003
   Archive file:          EUROTEAM.exe
   File size:               916 KB

Installation Instructions
To download and install the files:
    1. Click on the underlined link above.
    2. Select to "Open" the file (application).
    The file will download to your computer and start the installation.

    1. Click on the underlined link above.
    2. Select to "Save" the file.
    3. Note the name of the file and the directory/folder to which you're downloading.
    4. Use Windows Explorer to open the folder.
    5. Double click on the file name to install.

If you have not previously entered your Installation Code, you will be asked to do so during the installation.  (Don't confuse your Installation Code with your Registration Number.)  You should have received an Installation Code in return for registering.

After updating, the last four digits of your Registration Number will be revised according to the update version number.  There is no need to re-register.

Note:  You do not need your original setup disk if you are simply updating your existing Bridge Manager; however if Bridge Manager is no longer on your system, you must first install it from your original disk, then install the update.  If you have only the DEMO version of Bridge Manager, you need to purchase and install the full version before you can install updates.

For more information contact support@thebridgemanager.com
Bridge Manager Copyright © 2010 by Brian Pratt.  All rights reserved.
Bridge Baron is a trademark of Great Game Products.
Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.